Friday, June 21, 2013

From Project Manager to Scrum Master

On June 14th, Johnathan Watkins shared his experiences on shifting from the Project Manager role to the Scrum Master role in the webinar, “Journey From Project Manager to Scrum Master: Conversation with Johnathan Watkins”. 
You can listen to Johnathan introduce himself here: Johnathan's Introduction (.mp3)
During the conversation, Johnathan touched on several points and a few stories from his journey, but the underlying theme of his experience and insights align well with the description of the Scrum Master role from the Scrum Guide.
The Scrum Guide describes Johnathan’s actions --- “The Scrum Master is a servant-leader for the Scrum Team (Product Owner, Engineering Team, and Scrum Master)” where coaching on the Agile mindset and the Scrum practices helped facilitate this service.
Service to the Product Owner
Johnathan described ways that in his role as Scrum Master he worked with the Product Owner to coordinate backlog grooming sessions with the team. These sessions ensured the team and the product owner were on the same page with the goals and vision of the product and the appropriate specifics of the various backlog items.
Service to the Engineering Team
The primary service he provided to the Engineering Team was his assistance to remove impediments and help navigate throughout the organization. Additionally, he championed the agile mindset and helped the cross-functional team to self-organize and live the Agile values.
Service to the Organization
Service to the organization took many forms. Johnathan described that in addition to the Scrum Master functions, he supported the organization with budgeting, time-reporting, and team member onboarding activities. Johnathan worked with the organization to provide visibility of project progress to meet commitments.
The Scrum Master is “Switzerland”
Across all three of the groups, he ensured that everyone had an appropriate understanding of the the Agile mindset and the associated Scrum practices. Remaining neutral among all three groups maximized his effectiveness and ultimately contributed to the successful delivery of a high-quality product for AutoVIN.
See the AutoVIN team webinar to learn more about their journey.

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