Friday, May 17, 2013

Journey From Project Manager to Scrum Master: Conversation with Johnathan Watkins

Free Live Webinar: June 14th from 12:00 - 1:00 pm Eastern Time

Session Recap:
From Project Manager to Scrum Master


Agile continues to gain momentum as teams and organizations apply both the mindset and associated practices to deliver value! In the 2012 Annual State of Agile survey, 83% of respondents plan to implement agile practice on a future project --- an increase from 59% in 2011. Additionally, Scrum continues to be the “agile methodology” of choice with 72% using Scrum or Scrum variants. In Scrum, the Scrum Master role is a pivotal for successful implementation and achieving the benefits of greater agility --- to accelerate time-to-market, manage changing priorities, increase productivity, enhance quality, further align Business and Technology, improve visibility, reduce risk, and reduce cost ---  but going from the Project Manager role to the Scrum Master role can be “daunting”.

In 2012, AutoVIN shared their Agility Transformation Journey (with Redpoint Technologies), where Johnathan Watkins contributed as Scrum Master; this webinar will focus on Johnathan’s story and his path from Project Manager to Scrum Master. We will explore his experience and distill specific actionable lessons learned that you can leverage in your organization, teams, and journey.

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