Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Let's Get Started - Welcome


Welcome to my blog and thank you for your interest.
This post provides a starting point for my blog and outlines a bit about me and my motivation to share my thoughts.

My Career... and Passion

Professionally, I’m a transformation practitioner and consultant focused on organizational health (performance and wellbeing).  I work with organizations, teams, and individuals to help them become their better self.

I accomplish this result by engaging in conversation to identify pain points (means, ends, and dysfunctions) then acting with the client across the organization’s sociocultural and system dimensions to reduce pain and foster sustainable improvements.

Transformation is an amazingly rewarding (and challenging) career and I suspect most of my blog posts will relate to transformation.  Send me a note (mark4ro@gmail.com) if you feel your organization could benefit from improved health.


I maintain a LinkedIn account for my professional network, bio, resume, and client recommendations.


A Bit About My Personal Side

On a personal note, I'm extremely lucky to have a loving family and an amazing network of friends.
When I'm not working with clients you're likely to find me enjoying outdoor activities. Skiing, sailing and mountain biking top the list, but hiking, running, and canoeing are also great ways to kill a Saturday afternoon.  I'm not much into following professional sports teams, but I do enjoy attending games every now and then. 

Why Blog

It always has to be win-win.  I have been very fortunate over the years to have had the opportunity to benefit from some amazing mentors and courageous clients.   So for you, I want to share experiences and insights as a way to give back in the hope you find this content valuable and it helps you lift those around you.
For myself, blogging provides the opportunity to articulate and tune my thoughts making me more effective with clients.  It also provides a channel for perspective clients to understand my perspective.


The Ground Rules 

  • These are My Thoughts  What I share here is based on real experiences and real work with real clients, but it's just my perspective. 
  • Please Share Your Thoughts  You may share my perspective or you may have a different perspective.  Either way your respectful comments are always welcome (and may lead to the next ground rule).  :-) 
  • On Second Thought...   I reserve the right to change my mind and edit any of the posts.  
  • Suggest a Topic  Please share ideas for future blog posts.
  • Frequency  The frequency of posts will vary.  Only time will tell how often new posts will arrive. 
Thanks again for visiting and I hope you find this content valuable.